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Can you give dog aspirin?

In addition to the general comments we make on the dogs aspirin homepage at this website regarding the question "Can you give dog aspirin" - below is a selection of top answers from the web, for your further reading and consideration:-

If your dog has chronic pain or inflammation, common aspirin can often be used to give your pet some relief. Since aspirin can cause stomach problems, care should be used, and it should always be given with food. Read more here.....

Q: Can I give dog aspirin? A: My first question in response to this is; what do you want to treat? Most often, the answer is for arthritis, but I have to ask. It is important not to just give a drug because the animal is 'not himself' or is in pain where the cause is unknown. A trip to the vet is definitely in order to find out the root of the problem. It may be pain-related, it may not be. Read more here....

Arthritis can be as painful for dogs as it is for people. It is characterized by stiffness, difficulty moving, favoring one paw and reluctance to do activities your dog used to enjoy, like playing catch. The first drug of choice for pain relief is aspirin. Aspirin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It reduces swelling and inflammation from arthritis and...Read more here...

Aspirin has the same problems in dogs that it has in people. It can cause gastrointestinal upsets and ulcers if the GI signs are ignored. It can cause renal failure if overdosed. It causes an increase in clotting time. This usually isn't a serious side effect but it does occur....Read more here...

Can you give dog aspirin? Another solution...in all instances where a dog or other pet is in pain, an immediate visit to the vets is always the best idea. But where the dog is perhaps in pain from arthritic or lameness issues, these dogs aspirin products help in bringing pain relief and reducing inflammation. 


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